Importance of Play and your Puppy

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Importance of Play and your Puppy

by Michael Russell

Puppies that learn to play human games grow into dogs that view humans as a source of pleasure and enjoyment. Such dogs are much more fun to have around and are also more sociable. They probably have a better life in a human society than dogs that have learned only to play with other dogs.

Playing games is more than just a way for you and your puppy to have fun even though having fun while playing games is quite important for your puppy. Games allow both of you to find things out about each other and learn characteristics that may prove to be significant later in life. Fears of certain experiences can be addressed during play. A better understanding of each other as well as simply getting to know each other will be extremely valuable during play.

Regular positive activity with your puppy will help develop a strong bond between the two of you. Unfortunately, some dog owners can have a dog without ever establishing a loving, lasting bond. Dogs are very social animals and enjoy a loving relationship. Engaging in frequent play sessions will help establish an attachment and a friendship that will develop into a devoted trust. Establishing this bond and trust will lead to much more success with your attempts at training. Puppy will want to please and will work all that much harder just to make his or her master happy.

The more you play with your dog the more it will consider you the most interesting aspect of life. Again, the more the puppy wants to be with you the more it will want to please you. This means that the training experiences will definitely be more successful.

Games are also an appropriate outlet for a dog's natural instinct to hunt or work. Diverting your dog's need to hunt and work by play will satisfy the animal's desires and will make your life much easier. Instead of hunting and expending energy inside the living room, puppy will be using and satisfying those needs during playtime. Many dogs require much physical and mental stimulation. Lack of exercise may result in a bored and very unhappy puppy, which leads to many behavior problems. Preventing these negative habits from occurring in the first place is a key in establishing good and appropriate behaviors.

Puppies generally should not be walked for long distances so short walks and a number of play sessions each day is ideal. How practical this is for many dog owners is questionable but the responsibility of the owner is to satisfy the needs of the dig so proper opportunities should be provided for the puppy. The use of play toys will also provide an outlet for the active puppy. Just make certain that the toy is appropriate for the age of the dog.

Try to initiate play when the puppy is doing the correct things. You do not want to start a play session just when the dog is misbehaving because then you are simply reinforcing negative behavior. You must be aware of doing that at all times. Reinforce the positive, not the negative. Establishing a positive play relationship with your dog will prove to be an extremely rewarding experience for both.

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