Important Facts About Cosequin DS

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Important Facts About Cosequin DS

by Allison Thompson

Today more and more people are turning to Cosequin Double Strength in order to help their dogs lead a major happier and fruitful life. Cosequin DS has been specifically designed to help maintain optimal joint function in the larger breeds of dogs. It is in fact the only joint health supplement brand which has been shown to be effective as well as being safe in the treatment of cartilage and joint problems in dogs, horses and cats. Cosequin DS comes as tasty chewable tablets as well as unflavored capsules that can be given to your dog.

So when should I start giving Cosequin DS to my dog?

It is best if you start treating the problem as soon as possible. As soon as you notice your dog limping or they seem stiff or there is a change in their gait then it is important that you take them to your vet to be examined. Often your vet will be able to advise you if Cosequin DS will actually help your dog or not. So if your vet does recommend that you provide your dog with Cosequin DS it is important that you get them started on it sooner rather than later.

Also should your dog need to have cartilage surgery at any time in their lives then the vet may also suggest that you use Cosequin DS in order to provide them with support after the surgery has taken place.

How long do I have to wait before I see that the Cosequin Double Strength is working?

As this is a supplement and therefore provides essential nutrients which help to maintain a dog's joint health it as much more gradual process than you would normally see with other drugs. But in some cases the improvement to a dog may be gradual whilst for other owners they may find the effect the Cosequin DS has on their dog is quite dramatic.

What an owner will need to do is administer the right amount of the supplement in accordance with what their dog actually weighs and normally it used be administered to them for between 4 to 6 weeks. Then after the initial administration period (4 to 6 weeks) you can then start to reduce the amount that your dog is given to a more economical maintenance level. Often many owners find that they will provide their dog with one or two capsules/tablets each day.

So when looking for a safe and effective way of treating your dog's joint problems then you should look no further than using Cosequin DS as long as you have received agreement from your vet that it is safe to do so. Although there are no major side effects associated with Cosequin DS some dogs may suffer from a mild gastrointestinal upset (some diarrhea). If this does occur then it may be wise to include their supplements with their food.

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