Important Tips When Exercising Your Dog In Cold Temperatures

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Important Tips When Exercising Your Dog In Cold Temperatures

by Charley Hwang

One of the responsibilities of being a dog owner is making sure that your pet is getting sufficient exercise. Your dog must be kept as healthy as possible, and you must make it your priority to ensure that it is getting proper exercise. This is very challenging if your surroundings are cold and icy during the winters.

Below are a few exercise and safety tips that will help keep your dog in shape as well as remain safe while being outdoors in the cold.

1. Being in the cold area, it is important that your dog?s limbs and body are properly warmed up. This is one of the mistakes most people make, going out into the cold without warming up. This can cause severe injuries to you and your dog. Stretch your muscles and warm up a bit before stepping out to avoid injuries and soreness.

2. Being cold and icy, you must take precautions about the slippery grounds. When taking your dog out, watch out for your dog as well as ice patches can cause injuries if either one of you slip and fall. Some cities will have spread the grounds with slip retardants ?salt, sand or chemicals-- which may be damaging to the pads at the bottom of your dog?s feet.

3. To avoid any sort of injuries, the best solution of all would be specially designed dog boots that are built to protect their feet from water and chemicals, or sad and salt. These boots will also help the dog maintain its traction when it stumbles on slippery patches and ensure its safety.

4. After the exercise, return home and inspect your dog?s limbs, especially the feet. Check his nails for nail-splitting, or swelling, rawness and discoloration in its pads. The broken nails will have to be trimmed to prevent further damage, and to keep the dog from hurting itself in the process of scratching itself, or getting it snagged on items while it walks around. See below for more information on Dog Breeds.

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