Improve Your Dogs Health Homemade Dog Food

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Improve Your Dogs Health Homemade Dog Food

by Michael M Thomas

Your dog will live a longer and healthier life if you feed him (or her) right. While processed food that you buy at the store is often the easiest option, it is not best for your dog. Spend some time learning about home made dog food and you will have a healthier, happier dog.

There are three types of dog food: basic, store bought foods, premium, store bought foods, and home made dog food. Basic, store bought foods are the most common. This is what you will find in virtually every grocery store, drug store, and convenience store. While these foods are widely available, they are also typically made with cheap ingredients and often contain unhealthy fillers.

Premium, store bought foods are a significant step up (particularly the brands that you can buy from your veterinarian). However, the downside to these foods is that they are considerably more expensive, which puts them out of many people's budgets. Also frustrating about premium dog food is that in some cases the ingredients are no different from the basic, store bought foods. Essentially you end up paying for a brand name, which supposedly gives you peace of mind. Ignore the brand name and pay attention to the ingredients.

The best way to ensure your piece of mind is to feed your dog home made dog food. Yes, this will take some time as you will need to prepare your food. But the benefit is that you will know what you are feeding your dog, which helps to ensure your dog's health. An added benefit is that you will likely save money.

Many options are available to you for dog food. Traditional store bought foods present many dangers, mainly because of inexpensive ingredients and fillers used. You can avoid these cheap ingredients and fillers by making your own home made dog food.

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