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Information on Bark Control Collars

by Morgan Hamilton

Do you have a happy and irritating dog? If you have, then you probably use bark control collars to control your dog's barking. In my opinion, this is really a shame. I think that bark controlling dog collars are nothing more than a cruel and unusual punishment for a dog. These devices use the most brutal of behaviorist tactics to stop a dog from barking. Bark controlling collars use a shock, a spray of citronella, a shrill sound, or other methods to irritate or terrorize a dog every time it barks. These devices basically traumatize your dog to the point that it is unwilling to express exactly how it feels about the mail man and other intruders.

To be honest, I have always thought that things like bark control collars were in very bad form indeed. You should be willing to accept everything about canine kind if you appreciate a dog as a pet. If you are uncomfortable with their habit of sniffing your privates, licking themselves, licking other people, or any of the other behaviors that dogs are known for, then you should not get a dog. It does not make sense to buy a dog if its barking offends you. You would be better off by getting a cat rather than spending your money for bark control collars and other kinds of training gear.

You should try out different ones so that you do not frighten your dog too badly if you must get bark control collars for your dogs. The devices that give a painful shock might be too much for your poor pooch. The citronella bark control collars are supposed to be more humane. These devices simply emit a burst of citronella which confuses the dog momentarily and makes it stop what it was doing.

The problem is that dogs depend on their sense of smell so using these kinds of control collars is like blinding a person with a bright light. The citronella bark control collars can still be quite traumatic for some dogs. Getting a bark control collar with adjustable intensity might be the best way to go. This way you can give your dog enough of a jolt to hint that loud barking is unacceptable, but not enough to really scare it. Try many different kinds of bark control collars until you find the right one for your pet.

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