Is A Dog House EssentialIt Can Be More Than A Sleeping Place

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Is A Dog House EssentialIt Can Be More Than A Sleeping Place

by Moses Wright

Is there a good reason why you need to get a dog house for Fido? Do you really need to spend some money to get a shelter for the dog sole usage?

Your dog goes outside to play for several hours a day. He doesn't sleep out there, of course, and you are careful to bring him inside at night or if the weather gets bad. He might occasionally get caught in some light rain sprinkles, but it hasn't hurt him yet. He doesn't need a dog house, right?

Wrong. Even If your dog spends a substantial amount of time outside, he still needs a dog house.

An outdoor dog house is more than just a place for your dog to sleep, it also provides shelter from the elements. Regardless of whether you have shade trees in your yard or not, your dog will welcome a place to get out of the sun and will give him a place to retreat to as the first raindrop hits the ground.

Your dog will also welcome the security the dog house affords him if he feels threatened by people or dogs passing by. In addition, an outdoor dog house gives you a place to put your dog's water dish in which it will not be fouled by leaves, dirt, or grass and where other animals can not drink it. Your dog will appreciate your providing this very necessary item.

An outdoor dog house can be seen as an important element to your dog?s health and safety. It will become a permanent shelter, sanctuary for your dog. It is also important to insulate the dog house to keep it warm or cool at the appropriate times of the year. Which will be discussed in depth later on in this website.

At times, an indoor dog house can also be useful. Although an outdoor dog house might appear similar to your own, an indoor "dog house" can simply be a wire or plastic dog crate. These houses act as your dog's own den inside the larger "pack" den. Your dog's den gives him privacy and security, just as an outdoor dog house does.

In addition, an indoor dog house can assist in house training an older dog to housebreak. If your adult dog is eliminating in the house and all physical problems have been ruled out, you can "reset" his bodily functions by judicious use of confinement in an indoor dog house, particularly at night or when you are away.

Even an adult dog will grow to enjoy having an area inside that is set aside solely for his or her own use. Before you know it your dog will be retreating to its own "den" to sleep or play with a toy, just because he wants to!

Moses Wright is the webmaster of Dog Habitat Home. More useful guide on Dog House and Dog Door can be found online at his website. You are welcome to reprint this article if the content and live links are keep intact.

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