Is Dog Food Just a Profit Center Income Boost

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Is Dog Food Just a Profit Center Income Boost

by Robin Plan

James Spratt started the first pet food production operation around 1860. He made a dog biscuit from wheat, vegetables, beet root and meat. Other U.S. firms joined the pet food market in the 1920?s. The first meat used in canned dog food was horse. By 1930 pet owners could feed the canned or dry meat-meal dog foods, but most still fed table scrapes. When horsemeat wasn?t as plentiful cereal by-products and meat by-products were used for dog food. Many varieties of pet food came about around 1960. Pet food companies offered more canned foods, added the life stages formulas and more dry kibble. Pet food became a commercialized profit center. Pet owners had been using table scrapes for their dogs and cats so at a snails pace many began to feed this new ?balanced? diet.

The pet food companies started promoting their food to veterinarians and these vets started selling the food in their clinic. Veterinarian schools don?t have courses on dog nutrition and what they need to eat so I don?t understand why a vet would offer pet food to clients any more than I could see a family doctor selling food to us when we go in for a check up. It?s a moneymaker for the vet and pet food manufacturer. Just because your vet recommends a food, one that he also sells, doesn?t mean it?s the best for your dog. There is no one food that will be best for every dog. What?s best for my 17-year-old dog may not be best for my other 2 dogs. My point here is just because your vet has gone to school and may have years of animal health care under his belt your pet?s food may not be in his area of expertise.

A holistic vet will recommend a natural home prepared diet or a natural commercial food for the health of your dog. A holistic vet has sought nutritional training and they know what your dog eats will effect their health and mental well-being. When they do recommend a processed diet it will be natural, whole grain, real chicken, beef etc., no by-products, no toxic preservatives, no fillers. They have done their due diligence and know what your individual dog needs. To be fair there are times your dog will need a special diet because of certain health issues. But even then your vet may not prescribe the best food. There are many different opinions even between vets on what is best for certain conditions.

You as a responsible dog owner will have to put in your own due diligence when it comes to feeding your dog. Stop putting your beloved dogs health and possible life in the hands of pet food manufacturers or vets who have been trained by the same manufacturers.

To find a holistic veterinarian in your area check this link.

Check this site for Nature?s Variety Dog food.

I?m not going to tell you it?s the best for your dog, I don?t know what is best for him. I do know my 3 dogs thrive on it; Tara is 17 ?years old and acts like maybe 10.

Robin Plan- life long dog lover

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