Is Your Dog A Picky Eater

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Is Your Dog A Picky Eater

by Jo Withey

We probably all know the doting dog owner who loves nothing better than to feed their dog on tasty(?) dog treats. These can be the equivalent of doggy junk food.

This can have unwanted results. It can turn the dog into a little pest, always wanting tit-bits and jumping up at his owner or visitors expecting to be rewarded with a ?sweetie?. Another unexpected results to the owner is that the dog becomes a walking barrel with a leg at each corner.

All of this may encourage him to become a picky eater. To determine whether this really is the cause of his picky eating try the following:

If your dog refuses his meal, leave it in place on the floor for 20 minutes, then remove the bowl. Do not offer him anything else, nor give him any biscuits, treats, etc. during the day. Just make sure he has a supply of clean water. When his next meal is due in the evening, offer a smaller sized meal, again leaving it in place for just 20 minutes.

Repeat this the next morning. It may be that when he is put outside to toilet he will show signs of diarrhoea. It is then that you will know that he has a tummy upset.

There are two main reasons for a dog refusing his meal,

a) He is too fat and over weight and cannot eat anything else. Maybe, if he has you well trained, he prefers to wait until you give him his favourite treat or biscuit. A missed meal or two will do him no harm, only good.

b) There is a problem that may need your vet?s attention.

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