Is Your Dog In Pain Give Him Pain Relief Safely

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Is Your Dog In Pain Give Him Pain Relief Safely

by Jean Morgan

Dogs are man?s best friend. They have always been a favored pet because of their loving, smart and faithful nature. Through the years, your dog has been providing you with a lot of pleasures. However, what you might not realize is that your dog grows older with each passing year although his physical appearance never seems to have changed. He has no physical signs of aging like gray hair or wrinkles, but due to old age, your dog might probably be experiencing a lot of ailments and pain.

Know His Needs

You must be attuned to your dog?s needs if you want your pet to live longer and happier as your dog is incapable of verbally telling you if he or she is in pain. However, dogs would give you clues as to where his or her ailment, discomfort or pain is. Dogs vocalize their pain through crying out, whining or whimpering.

Some dogs have a higher pain tolerance and may not exhibit his pain until it?s too late so you need to watch your dog carefully. Your dog may be suffering but not vocalizing his pain. Change in temperament is a pretty good indication of pain in your dog. Your pet may become vicious when in pain, and it is better to inform your veterinarian as early as possible in order to administer the right treatment.

Common Old-Age Ailment, Prevention and Treatment

One of the most common disorders that would cause your dog pain is arthritis. If your dog has arthritis, he or she would most likely need pain relief medication just like humans do.

Arthritis can be avoided by giving your dog vitamins, supplements and medications for pain relief. You must relieve your dog of his or her aches and pains or you would miss your pet?s company. Walking, getting into the car with you, running, or even rising to greet you would become extremely painful forms of torment for your dog. Your dog would exhibit personality changes, crankiness and withdrawal.

Pain relief medications like DGP (Dog Gone Pain) can immediately relieve your dog of his or her pain and help him or her become, once again, the playful member of your family. DGP is a pain relief medication for canines, which was developed by Australian veterinarians and herbalists. It revitalizes your dog mentally and physically while soothing your pet?s aching joints. DGP eases joint inflammation, assists in tissue repair and boosts the immune system. This medication?s effect is immediate, showing improvement in less than a week, and it is safe for long-term use. Your dog will feel immediate relief, and this would show with his or her ability to run around and to act more sociably after weeks of lying around being in pain.

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