Is Your Dog Not Eating Properly Lately

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Is Your Dog Not Eating Properly Lately

by Dr Kangpang Chan

Is your dog not eating properly lately?

If yes, then you'd want to take every little caution and find out more about this situation. Due to the degree of danger involved, this is a concern that most dog breeders will be paying extra attention to look after their dogs with care.

One of the reasons for dogs not eating properly can be due to what is known as "kennel cough," which happens often when the pet has been in contact with other dogs in some confined environment such as kennel, alley, etc. All it takes to clear this up is to keep the dog away from others for a while, and at the same time, use some home remedies for kennel cough such as cough syrup. Very quickly the dog will start its normal appetite again.

Another reason for dogs not eating properly can be due to abscessed teeth. This is made more evident if the dog makes noises in its throat and refuses to eat. Usually, taking antibiotics for 2 weeks will help the dog overcome such suffering and normal eating should resume very quickly.

A more serious possibility is indicated when the dog has a dry cough and is trying to vomit in vain. A heart problem could be the reason behind the cough as the heart is pressing on the esophagus and thus triggering the cough. Home remedies are not sufficient in this case and a visit to the vet is highly necessary. Often times, professional intervention that gives rise to a better prognosis can save lives when it is carried out early enough.

When the dog gets an upset stomach with diarrhea and vomits, it might have irritable bowel syndrome. Boiled chicken and rice cooked in a very plain manner, or beef broth poured over dry dog foods, might do the trick given a bit of time. A special blend the vet usually recommends for dogs that won't eat is called Prescription diet, which is Hill's Science Diet Advanced Protection for adult dogs and served mixed with dry dog foods. This will work in most cases.

It is important to start feeding the puppy with the right diet early in life. One of the largest dog guide schools in the country instructs their dog-breeders to feed Pro Plan chicken and rice puppy chow until 4 months and then switch to adult Pro Plan chicken and rice. Quite a number of owners of trained dogs from different service dog schools are known to continue this Pro Plan, while some of them are feeding other premium commercial chows, including Iams and Eukanuba.

In conclusion, any dog owner who wish to have a healthy, long lived dog can very easily apply this regimen, leaving themselves with more time to spend on the dog. Besides, it is also relatively economical too. Therefore, when the dog is not eating properly, the signal for extra care has been ignited. Attending to situation like this will ensure that the dog will enjoy better health for life.

Might the fact that your dog not eating properly be due to more serious reasons such as your dog has been poisoned? If yes, it is important that you as the dog owners know Dog's First Aid procedures to follow in case your pet might need it urgently.

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