Is Your Home Puppy Proof

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Is Your Home Puppy Proof

by Brent Jones

If you are considering getting a puppy you should be aware of potential dangers that may exist within your home. Problems that we would never notice can be overwhelming for a puppy, especially in new surroundings. A sure test is to walk around your home on your hands and knees and see things from your pet's point of view.

Look for electrical cords, window blind cords, children's toys or anything small enough for him to swallow. Stairs and stairwells should have a gate at least until he can walk up and down safely. Garbage cans can contain anything and most dogs love to turn them over and prowl. Poisonous cleaning products under cabinets should be moved out of reach or locked away.

Poisonous plants are everywhere, at least poisonous to a dog. Both dogs and cats will eat or "graze" on grass and most plants. Unfortunately, these plants are toxic to both and some can be fatal. This warning also applies to outdoor plants, but to a lesser degree, as grass is usually preferred.

Other outdoor hazards are ponds and swimming pools that would be almost impossible for a small animal to get out of. Watch out for outdoor steps and stairs, steep drops from a deck or patio or even in the property itself. And lastly, traffic. If your property isn't fenced, never leave a puppy loose, as their natural curiosity will lead right into the street.

Bringing home a new puppy can be exhausting, but is the most critical in your relationship. First impressions are indelibly marked in an animals mind and it is vital to establish an atmosphere of security, affection, and mutual confidence.

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