Is a Dog the Right Pet for You

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Is a Dog the Right Pet for You

by Mike Torres

We all need some company. Whether it be from another person whose warm embrace and comforting words would make our troubles more bearable, or from a pet whose undying loyalty and adorable demeanor is a cause for much fondness and joy, life would be so much more wonderful if there is someone, or something, to share it with. This is the reason why we enter relationships. And in the same light, this is the reason why we all have a special place in our hearts for pets. And of all the pets that we can avail of, dogs are the most popular of choices. Those cute canine companions are indeed inspiring in their own little ways. Consider the following characteristics of dogs that make them perfect pets for most people:

Dogs are known for their fierce loyalty. They know who their masters are, and they stick with them through thick or thin. Dogs are highly intelligent creatures. They can be disciplined relatively easily, and they can be thought some amazing tricks as well. There are many practical chores that a dog can do. A canine companion can fetch he papers or your slippers, fend off undesirable household pests, and perform a variety of specialized tasks, like for example the special role of a guide dog for a blind person. Dogs are excellent security measures for the household. Their bark alone would scare of potential burglars. And in the event that such a burglar does muster the courage to step inside your house, he will be met by an angry dog in defense of his master s property.

Dogs are generally sociable. They can read people s intentions. They will exhibit the same kind of warmth to their master s friends and loved ones. With all the wondrous delights of owning a dog, some important considerations may get lost amidst such hysteria. The fact of the matters is that dogs aren?t for everyone.

Lovable as they may be, it takes a certain kind of person with certain kinds of characteristics to be able to rear a dog properly under a healthy environment. Is a dog the right pet for you? Let s take a look at the questions you should be asking yourself before deciding on a canine companion as your pet of choice.

How busy a person are you? Dogs need constant care most of the day. If you re out of the house a majority of the time, you will not be able to provide for the dog the care it deserves. Additionally, dogs initially need housebreaking that is, training them to be house friendly so that they won t end up chewing on some expensive items and ripping that costly carpet to shreds. You would have to invest some substantial time to train a dog the proper way. How patient are you? Not all dogs can be trained easily. Though possessed with higher intelligence than most available pets, dogs can sometimes test the limits of your patience. Additionally, not all dogs are alike. Some breeds are different than others, in terms of physical characteristics and behavioral traits. While some dogs respond to negative conditioning, or punishing them when they do something bad, other dogs are more receptive to positive reinforcements, that is, praising them when they do something admirable.

How much commitment can you give? Caring for a dog is not a short term hobby. Often, it is a decade long commitment, as dogs do have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. During this time, you will be expected to give much love and affection for your dog so that it may grow up healthy and sound. Is your place perfect for a dog? Not all households are dog friendly. Small spaces, for example, like condo units and studio type apartments, will prove difficult for dog caring. Dogs need a lot of space to move around. They need to exercise on a daily basis, as their health is sometimes more volatile than ours. If you wish to care for a dog in a small dwelling place, you must invest some time everyday to walk him around the neighborhood so that he can get the workout he needs.

These may sound as steep requirements for owning a dog. But the joys that those adorable canine companions can bring into our lives will make all the troubles very much worth it.

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