Just What is Cosequin DS

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Just What is Cosequin DS

by Allison Thompson

Cosequin DS is a patented and scientifically researched nutritional supplement for dogs which is now being widely dispensed by many Vets. It helps the dog to maintain healthy joints. Unfortunately as a dog ages it is common for their joints to become less flexible and which will seriously impact on both their mobility and quality of life. But such problems do not only affect older dogs it can also affect some much younger dogs that are subject to joint health concerns because of their breed.

It contains three ingredients Chondroitin Sulfate (TRH122), Glucosamine Hydrochloride (FCHG49) and Manganese Ascorbate. These three ingredients have been scientifically formulated in order to support and maintain the healthy of a dog's joints. In published clinical studies it was shown that the combination of the ingredients to be found in Cosequin DS worked well together in order to maintain the structure of the dog's cartilage joints whilst still inhibiting the enzymes which can break down the cartilage in a dog's joints.

Cosequin is a patented, scientifically researched nutritional supplement widely dispensed by veterinary surgeons to help dogs maintain healthy joints. As dogs age, it is common for their joints to become less flexible which impacts their mobility and quality of life. You may have noticed that your dog has difficulty walking up stairs or jumping on the bed. While he used to be eager to play, now he is content to rest. Even at younger ages some dogs are subject to joint health concerns, which affect flexibility and mobility.

You will find that many vets will use Cosequin DS supplements in order to treat various joint conditions such as arthritis. However The Cosequin DS (DS stands for Double strength) supplement is only to be used on large dogs who weight 25lbs or more. For smaller dog the normal strength Cosequin supplements should be used It is recommended that the supplement should be given to a dog initially for 6 weeks. Although for some owners the range of improvement in their dog can be either gradual or dramatic. Because the improvement may be gradual in some dogs the owner may not actually know that it is occurring and so therefore it is important that they keep the dog on the supplements for at least 6 weeks before they decide to discontinue the use of Cosequin DS. Unfortunately should the supplements be discontinued then the dog may well regress back and once again suffer from mobility problems.

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