Katrina Rescue Dog Wins Court Case

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Katrina Rescue Dog Wins Court Case

by M Bruno

Eighteen months after being separated by Hurricane Katrina, a little Katrina rescue dog and her ?mom? are reunited by order of a Phoenix Judge.

If you are not familiar with the case, a disabled woman was forced to leave her dog alone in her home as she was airlifted during the Katrina evacuation.

She was assured the dog would be rescued later. After the airlift evacuation, the lady went hunting at dog shelters for her pooch without success.

When allowed to return to her destroyed home she looked for any signs of her dog, named Pablo, as well as veterinary records and pictures.

Pursuing the search online, she discovered that her dog had been rescued by the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Best Friends had placed the dog with a foster group who had in turn placed the dog with a family. The family soon decided that they did not want to return the dog in violation of the reunion agreement. The lady was devastated. This little dog had been with her constantly since Christmas 2004 and she was not about to give up.

Best Friends funded the legal effort to get the dog back to his rightful dog ?mom?. And now a judge in the civil suit heard in Phoenix ruled in her favor. Mom and dog have been reunited!.

We applaud Best Friends for their dog rescue efforts both during Katrina and the ensuing dog rescue via the court system.

The bond between a dog guardian and a dog is immeasurable. A rescued dog is a family member and for many childless homes, a rescue dog may receive the same love and affection that a child or family member of the human type can expect.

The thought that this lady would have not been reunited with her dog after the miraculous Katrina rescue was almost too painful to think about. Thankfully, the judge made the right decision and the Katrina rescue dog and his mom will now enjoy life together for a long, long time.

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