Keep Rover at Bay with Dog Pepper Spray

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Keep Rover at Bay with Dog Pepper Spray

by Morgan Hamilton

Many people love to take long nature walks for simple exercise or relaxation. Walking is also one of the favorite activities of outdoor nuts. Anyway, there are safety issues that go with nature walks. I know that taking a long walk may seem like a very safe activity. But the truth is that people really need to worry about their safety while waking outdoors. This is because there are many potential dangers in this day and age.

Certain animals are some of the dangers that people can encounter on nature walks. In fact, bears, wild dogs, cougars and other dangerous animals roam near public trails and nature parks. There were wild dogs near my home so I always need to take some precautions when I decide to take a relaxing walk. I have to be ready just in case I will be approached by a large, insane dog.

If you are in this situation, you may want to think twice about bolting. Running away from wild dogs will often make them feel superior, and so they will chase you down. A new-age dog pepper spray will be a much better deterrent against dogs and other potentially dangerous wildlife.

Because of its simplicity, the pepper spray has become quite a phenomenon these days. Having it in your possession is not like toting around a firearm. You just feel like there are no permanent results with pepper spray. The stuff was designed to incapacitate someone for a brief period of time so that you could flee. A dog pepper spray is designed the same way.

People can use a dog pepper spray to disorient and blind a dangerous dog briefly thus allowing them to escape. Animals always run off and hide when they're injured. I purchased a pepper spray for my wife and teenager, the two ladies in my home. I advised them to carry it in their purses everywhere they go. It will probably do both the job on a wild dog and a person, although it is not a dog pepper spray. There is no sense in carrying around two when one will do.

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