Keep Your Dog From Jumping On People

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Keep Your Dog From Jumping On People

by Lesa Bolt

Do you remember when you brought home your sweet little puppy into your house?
At that time it was fun to play with him and he was so small that you would pick him up and cuddle and caress him or her. Little do most pet owners know that this is the start to letting your pet know that the best place to be is by your face and chest. You are doing dog training all the time. Yes, that little puppy learned from the beginning that everything was warm and wonderful being held by your chest or face. He felt loved and comforted there and since dogs are not human and don't learn like humans he was inadvertently taught dog obedience training by you. He learned this is what you wanted.

As that little puppy grew he continued to play and still being a puppy you probably let him jump up to you and you either picked him up or knelt down so he could climb on your lap. Again reinforcing the behavior he thinks you wanted which was to be close to your face and chest. We as humans relate love and kindness to hugging and kissing and being held close to each other and we mistakenly teach our puppies and dogs this behavior. Yes, it is our fault that our dog, who is now 95 lbs comes running up to us and jumps up or jumps up on your new guests in the house. We taught him that we wanted that behavior.

First - If you are getting a new puppy get down on the floor and play with him but don't let him climb in your lap and don't pick him up to cuddle in your arms. If you must pick him up to carry him, hold him at your side and don't love and snuggle with him. This way it will be like his mother picking him up to carry to a different location. You are just aloof. No emotions, please. I know you like it and think the dog does too. But it really is just you that feels that way. Your dog will love you just as much if you leave him on the ground and pet him without letting him climb in your lap and be picked up.

Second - If you already have a dog that does this you need to start some training right away. Unfortunately, what you have taught the dog is that being up close to your chest is wonderful. Now that has to become a bad thing and every time your dog wants to jump on you or someone else he has to have a negative association so that he will not want to do it anymore. Don't worry he will not stop loving you. Believe me your dog does not carry emotions like humans do. Actually he will learn to respect you more because right now he views you as a playmate and once you give him boundaries that he cannot do he will respect you as his leader. This is huge. Your negative associate can be a variety of things. Many people have had luck with various methods.

One very good way to do this is get something the dog does not like or make a noise the dog associates with something he doesn't like. So as an example when the dog starts to come up to you and jump you need to step forward toward the dog to take up his space and say your negative sound. As soon as his bottom hits the floor and he sits or all four feet are on the floor you can reward or say "good dog". There are many training methods for this. Don't give up until you have a dog that will not jump on anyone. Remember be consistent. Another example is if your dog doesn't like the sound of a newspaper being smacked against your hand prepare yourself with a newspaper and when you walk into your house and your dog starts to run toward you to jump take the newspaper and smack it against your hand to make the sound he doesn't like. If he doesn't like the noise he should stop and either go the other direction or at least come to a halt and not want to jump on you.

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This information is provided by Lesa Bolt who is a professional dog trainer

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