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Keep Your Dog Healthy

by Eric Hartwell

So you have a dog, right? Dogs are not just playmates for the kids and are not mere guards for your homes; they also have special needs to be taken care of. Responsibility comes hand in hand with having a dog so you have to be prepared to take care of them as you would your own kids too.

The Marks of a Healthy Dog

How would you know if your dog is healthy? In making sure that they are you have to check their eyes first. A dog?s eyes should be bright, clear and free from any matter. There should be no light spots or scars on the cornea. He should not be extra large or extra lump for his size. Although dogs are cuter when more plump, this is a sign that he may be obese and may have some health problems such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease to him too. Try to ask your veterinarian what his appropriate weight should be and be careful when feeding him. Dogs just love eating and they definitely are not weight watchers so you have the responsibility of keeping them well nourished and proportioned. A dog?s nose and ears should be clean and have no signs of discharge. One way of showing he has mites or any other infestation in his ears is if he is in a habit of shaking his head a lot. Be extra observant of his behavior too. Constant scratching is a sign of parasite infestation. Be mindful of his hair coat. The hair coat should be fluffy, glossy and slightly oily. Examine the dog for any signs of hair loss such as bald spots for they indicate that your dog may have ringworm or fungus infection.

Maintaining Health of Dogs

A way to keep a dog healthy is to give him a well-balanced and nourishing diet. Your dog must neither gain nor lose weight nor should he develop any deficiency diseases. Commercial dog food companies have made careful research on the palatability and balance of dog diets and they are known to contain all the ingredients for a well-balanced diet for your dog. Table food should not form more than a third of the diet of your dog to maintain their health. When a dog eats, observe him if he constantly rubs his paw along the side of his mouth or drops his food when trying to eat. This indicates that he has sore tooth. Try to keep the dog?s teeth clean throughout his life by rubbing salt and soda solution and tooth powders on them at weekly intervals. Tartar and defective teeth should be removed to avoid infection problems of the teeth and gums. Keep your dog free from ticks and fleas too. Having ticks may cause allergic reactions, paralysis and even death to your pets. One way to prevent this is to bring them to veterinarians for some tick shots. Give your dog a regular bath to keep his coat and skin healthy. This way, you prevent any skin infections from developing. Just make sure that you use the specified dog soap for him.

Dogs are fun to have around and they also provide comfort and company whenever you need them. So try to keep them as healthy as possible and they will surely love you more for it!

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