Keeping Your Dog In Kennels

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Keeping Your Dog In Kennels

by Eric Hartwell

Much as you want to bring your dog with you on your vacation, sometimes it might not be possible to do so and your only option is to leave him on a dog kennel. A dog kennel is a boarding facility which can provide your dog quality care while you are away on a vacation and there will be no one at home to take care of him and you cannot leave him to your neighbors and friends.

But before you do that, make sure that you leave your dog to the best, high quality dog kennel you can find. Here are some tips on what to look for in dog kennels:

Hot Tips for the Dog Owner:

Make sure that you ask around for recommendations on where to find the best dog kennel from your family, friends and your veterinarian. This will help you narrow down your choice. The dog kennels recommended by your family and friends may be those that they have already tried so you are assured that they are satisfactory.

Visit the kennel first. Make sure that the facility is duly licensed by the American Boarding Kennel Association and has a membership plaque from them and is sanitary enough to leave your dog on. You don?t want your dog to come home sick, do you? Make sure to check out the staff, too. Are they friendly enough and knowledgeable enough to take care of your dog? The kennel should also be free from dirt and debris and should also be in good condition. Clean and orderly kennels prevent accidents from happening to your dog. The cages and gates in the kennel should also be secured and in good repair to keep your dog safe inside it.

A Dog?s Life in the Kennel:

Well fed dogs are generally the happy ones. Your dog must be fed twice a day with a high quality name brand diet. If not, you can opt to bring your dog his own food so that he will not become sick from the sudden change in diet. Water should also be available at all times. Make sure that the water bowl is clean to keep your dog free from water borne diseases like diarrhea. The kennel must have an adequate exercise area for your dog to walk and run around in. The kennel must also provide proper ventilation which is free from draughts for your dog. This will surely keep him in a perfect condition. The sleeping areas should be clean, dry and comfortable. Your dog will surely thank you for this!

Leaving your dog during trips away from home can be a heart-breaking experience to you and your dog, but if you find the best kennel for him, you and your dog will both be rewarded endlessly. Dogs love to be pampered and taking him to a quality dog kennel is the right choice when you leave him behind. Quality care for your dog, and peace and mind for you; what more do you have to worry for?

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