Keeping Your Dog Safe During Halloween

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Keeping Your Dog Safe During Halloween

by Grant Carroll

Every year on October 31st, America takes a moment to scare itself silly. It?s always fun to dress up as ghosts, ghouls and characters, and it?s even more fun if you have a pooch to wear a dog costume. Before you dive in to your party plans, however, it?s important to make sure that your Halloween hound stays safe during the celebration.

The only thing scarier than a ghost story is a true horror story of a pet being injured from unsafe conditions. At parties, large crowds and alcohol make a dangerous mix for a dog. First, your dog could easily get stepped on if people aren?t paying attention to their feet. Secondly, uneducated party goers might find it cute to feed your dog Halloween candy or chocolate. Any pet owner knows this will lead to a very sick dog and an emergency visit to the vet?s office. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure everyone knows the house rules about feeding the dog, or just keep him safely separated in another room. Also make sure that children are closely supervised around your pet. Your dog can enjoy Halloween as much as you do, but safety must come first.

It?s wonderful if a dog goes with your child to trick or treat, but there are safety issues that need to be addressed there as well. Make sure the dog costume is bright, reflective and warm. Don?t forget to keep your canine on a leash at all times and keep the candy far out of his reach. If your dog has problems being calm around other dogs, just make him keep his distance from other pooches. People love seeing a dressed up dog, so your Halloween will be much more fun, but make sure it?s enjoyed safely.

Grant Carroll proud father of four dogs and co-owner of with Pet Clothing.

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