Keeping Your Dog Safe During Independence Day

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Keeping Your Dog Safe During Independence Day

by Grant Carroll

Independence Day is a perfect time to celebrate all things American, and in America we love our dogs. So what could be more patriotic than including Fido in all the festivities. It?s important, however, to keep your pooch safe while having fun. Fireworks and large crowds provide some of the biggest dangers to your dog, so you should take special measures to deal with them.

Large crowds of people can be dangerous to any animal, especially a dog that is so close to everyone?s feet. Unsupervised children are just as troublesome as well as people who feed your dog food that could make him sick. It doesn?t even have to be a packed party to present a danger. Even a smaller family gathering could be a problem. The key is that during parties, one tends to not pay as close attention to one?s dog since there are friends to catch up with and food to eat. It is during this lapse of attention that bad things happen. There are, however, some simple solutions. You could simply put up your dog in a safe place for the duration of the party and check in on him periodically to make sure he?s okay. Leave lots of toys and some treats and maybe even leave the TV on to give him company. If your dog is small, another solution could be to carry him in a pet sling during the party. You?ll know for a fact that he?s safe, and he?ll make a great conversation piece. Another thing you could do is dress him up in some cute dog clothes like a dog t-shirt. This will get him noticed easier and people will be less likely to step on him. All in all, be more vigilant this Independence celebration and your dog will enjoy it as much as you do.

Fireworks are a wonderful staple to the American diet of Independence Day, but they also are responsible each year for the deaths of many pets. The loud noise causes dogs to become distressed and disoriented. In an attempt to flee the noise, many dogs will run away and end up getting run over in the road. One way to prevent this tragedy is by putting your baby is a comfy, quiet room and shutting all the doors. They may not like being confined at first, but it will ensure that they are safe throughout the celebration. Remember, protecting your pets is the American way!

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