Lacation and Commands For Your Dogs Toilet Needs

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Lacation and Commands For Your Dogs Toilet Needs

by Eric Hartwell

One of the biggest concerns of a person before adopting a pet is the hassle associated with training the pet. Training can be a tough job and requires a lot of dedication, love and patience on the part of the trainer. The trainer also needs to keep in mind that here it is going to be an animal he would be training.

Select an appropriate place for the dog to eliminate his body wastes. The place can either be outdoors like a lawn or corner of a fence or it may be inside your house. You need to make the dog familiar with the selected spot to do his chores. Guiding your dog to a similar place time and again to pee and poop will enable your dog to associate that place with relieving himself.

Set up a command for your pet?s urinating and defecating needs. Use command such as ?Outside,? ? here,? ?come here,? etc to communicate to your pet, the place to eliminate his wastes. Once the dog becomes familiar with the command, he will surely do as desired. Do remember to praise your dog every time he gets it right

Last but certainly not the least, give time and be patient as your dog learns the right ways and place to eliminate the wastes from his body! Remember that occasional accidents are bound to happen. Do not stop yourself from scolding your dog at such instances. It is important to make your pet dog realize his mistake as and when he is at fault. However, do not get down to physical punishment or abuse, as it will only make matters worst. It is not punishment, but love and patience that will do the trick for your dog!

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