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Learn About The Dog Health Liver Problem

by Mandy Fain

Liver problems plague all breeds of dogs and some start earlier than others do. Because health of the dog depends on you as the owner, you need to be aware of some of the things that add to the problem and things to do to help prevent this health condition. When you read about dog health liver problem issues, you can see there are some things that trigger liver disease that you need to avoid.

The liver is an important organ and if it starts to fail, the dog?s health becomes impaired. Some of the liver problems are liver fibrosis, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver toxicity to name a few. You will also learn something about hepatic micro vascular dysphasia, so keep reading.

Hepatic Micro Vascular Dysphasia Dog Health Liver Problem

At microscopic levels, arterial blood and venous blood mix in the liver. Dog?s of all breeds have this condition, but it seems to be dominate in Terriers. The condition is not easy to diagnose because it has no defining symptoms. Seizures, central nervous system disorders and intestinal disorders appearing with symptoms of diarrhea, fever and vomiting will be present. Testing the bile acid response will tell whether it is a liver condition or something else. Abnormal bile acid response can be noticed in problems called photo systemic shunts as well. To rule out photo systemic shunts a biopsy must be preformed.

The prognosis of the hepatic micro vascular dysphasia is very good if the dogs are diagnosed before showing any clinical signs. Once the clinical signs are noticed, you can only manage the condition through diet and medication. The diet therapy reduces the protein content and the medication therapy reduces the ammonia level in the digestive tract and in the body of the animal. Lactose injections are given to dogs with this condition in order to obtain stool samples, which is soft and formed.

Injections with antibiotics such as neomycin and metranidazole are given two times a day. The response for the treatment varies from dog to dog. Some dogs lead a normal life throughout their normal life span while some other dogs succumb to the condition and death results. If you are convinced that the dog health liver problem issue of the dog are adversely related you need to convey this to the vet.

Another thing that veterinarians find in dogs with liver problems is high blood pressure. With proper nutrition and medications, dogs will be comfortable and still have a good life as long as the disease does not progress. Nutrition is critical in sick dogs and you may need to change the diet of the dog to maintain health. You can watch for behavior changes in your dog and consult a vet if you notice anything out od the ordinary before the condition becomes serious. The dog health liver problem issue is all about early diagnosis and complete treatments to protect the dog from other health conditions that may arise after the onset of liver disease.

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