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Learn Dog Obedience

by Kelley Blackston

All dogs need obedience. Dogs are pack animals and have several survival traits bred into them. They follow built in senses of pack order and survival behavior. In order to communicate with dogs, we should speak their language or teach them to understand ours.

Once your dog learns easy key words in addition with behavioral cues like eye contact for permission, he will quickly settle into a less anxious mindset. Dog obedience will help your dog behaviorally as well as psychologically.

Sporting dogs, for example, have the desire to run, chase, jump, climb, and retrieve. If these basic needs are not met, these dogs will substitute their energies in such behaviors as digging, chewing, and tearing up household treasures.

Not fulfilling their basic needs also may result in anxiety disorders that will show themselves as behavioral problems. Chewing on door frames and tearing up favorite items of your clothing, for example, are signs of anxiety disorders.

There are various types of obedience training. Most trainers will subscribe positive reinforcement. This means that the handler reinforces the doggy once a command has been followed correctly. The dog is put in position using a desirable object like a treat or toy. This method is popular because it usually motivates the dog to learn. Clicker and Rally-O training fit into this division. Going by the wayside is ?jerk and pull? training. This occurs when a handler positions the dog with a quick pull into position to train.

Giving working doggies like terriers and shepherds, as well as sporting dogs like labs and retrievers, a task, will help focus that unwanted energy and make your dogs more contented. Dog Obedience and Agility training are excellent ways to do this.

Training your dogs in obedience will allow you to spend organized time each day with them. During this time, your dogs will be expected to perform definite jobs. In addition, they will have to use their minds to think about what is going on and give desired responses. This helps fulfill their desire to work.

Don?t think that just because you own a toy dog or a ?non working? dog, that you are off of the hook. These dogs need to stimulate their mind and get exercise also. While they may or may not take too high ?working? job types like rescue work, they do need to be trained.

All dogs are pack animals and dog training will help assimulate them into your home. Also, training dogs will help channel energy not spent doing what they were bred to do and utilize that energy to do what you want them to do. All dogs should be trained.

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