Leash Training Puppy

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Leash Training Puppy

by Stephen Hartrick

So, your puppy is now ready to be took on walks, but what you do not want is your puppy taking you for a walk! Or worse still your puppy decides to just sit down and refuse to move no matter what you do to encourage it otherwise. Well this is where leash training puppy comes in!

The first thing you need to do in leash training puppy is to get your little pup used to walking with you, and one really good and easy way to do this is to tie your puppy?s leash to your belt and walk around the room with it, everywhere you go in the room your puppy goes to!

Once your puppy does this without a struggle then start walking around outside in the garden, also a good opportunity to do a bit of gardening as well with your puppy right by your side.

When your puppy gets used to following you around wherever you go you can then use your leash in the normal manner and take your puppy out for a walk and your puppy should be quite happy to walk right by your side without pulling, you might even find that your puppy does this even when you take the leash of for it to have a run round.

That?s all there is to leash training puppy, now you and your puppy can enjoy lovely long walks together without all the problems and hassles of your puppy pulling on their leash or refusing to walk.

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