Leather Dog Collars Are The Perfect Choice For Your Pet

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Leather Dog Collars Are The Perfect Choice For Your Pet

by Richard Davies

A lot of dog owners have collars that don't fit their pet very well at all. This is surprising as there is an abundance of different types available to buy in the marketplace. Possibly the ideal type of collar to purchase, when all things are considered equally, is the leather dog collar. This is due to the fact they are hard wearing and also provide comfort to your pet dog.

A leather dog collar is available in all manner of lengths and sizes. When purchasing a leather dog collar, what you should be looking for is a collar that is wide enough so that it does not cause injury by cutting into your dog, but not overly wide and therefore restricting your dogs movements in any way.

A lot of dog owners incorrectly choose leather dog collars that are not suited for younger dogs. They are of the mindset and belief that their dog will 'grow into' this adult collar. Whilst this is largely true, having a leather dog collar that is too long can result in your puppy getting into all sorts of tangles and messes.

If finances are an issue, and a leather dog collar proves to be too expensive a purchase given that your puppy will grow out of it, then it may be worth considering buying a nylon dog collar until it reaches adulthood. At this point you can then purchase a great leather dog collar that will last a very long time.

Choke collars are also a common option. I would say that these are best suited during training sessions, with reversion to leather or nylon dog collars afterwards. Choke collars are often metallic which can lead to discolouration of your dogs coat.

There is one drawback to having a leather dog collar, which is the fact it can omit an odour as a result of build up from your dogs coat. What I would recommend to do is regularly clean it to minimize this odour and also prolong the lifespan of the collar.

Once your dog is well trained, there won't be much need to control it with a collar other than walking with a leash. Verbalising your commands to a well trained dog will achieve a great deal without requiring the use or aid of a leather dog collar.

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