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Leather Dog Collars

by Kevin Stith

A collar is essential for a dog. All pet dogs must have a collar with proper tags containing the address and telephone number of the owner. The very thought of a dog being stolen or lost is heart breaking. The chances of getting it back are very good if the dog is wearing a collar and an identity tag. Dog collars are also very useful for walking and exercising dogs.

It is important to have a collar that fits well. Dog collars give dogs a certain look and collars are designed according to the type of dog. Giant male dogs usually have thick and durable collars, where as female dogs look better wearing a light colored, fancy collar. Dog collars differ in color, size, style and material. It is important to choose a collar that is comfortable and does not irritate or choke the dog. Leather dog collars look classy and are affordable as well. They are extremely durable and ideal for larger dogs.

There is a wide range of leather collars available, as well as on the Internet. Soft leather collars are made to enhance beauty and are very comfortable. The leather hide is selected, cut and polished. It is then stitched to perfection. Leather dog collars are available in rainbow colors that look attractive. Collars can be personalized by attaching engraved id tags. Most leather collars need little or no maintenance. They should be kept dry and away from excess moisture and heat. Snow and weatherproof collars are ideal in extreme weather conditions. Leather conditioners are available that are specially formulated to clean and maintain the leather.

The studded, spiked leather hunting dog collar are some of more popular types. Tan leather collars are favorites among pet-owners. Reflector strips can be attached to the collars to protect dogs at night.

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