Litter Training Your Dog

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Litter Training Your Dog

by Emma Halliday

It is a good idea to litter train your dog as there will be times when your dog will not be able to go outside and they need to do their business. It is a good idea to litter train your dog when they are still a puppy, it is not impossible to train an older dog it is just a lot harder. You know the saying right, you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well you can but it takes more time!

Once you have bought your litter box for your dog and have some treats to hand it is time to start the training session. You have to wait for your dog to do it's business and when you catch them in the act, when you catch them tell them NO in a clear voice, although do not shout at them. Take them to the litter box and point to it telling them do it here. Keep doing this and your dog will soon know what you're talking about.

Once you see your dog going in the right place this is the time to get the treat out and give them a lot of praise. Make your dog know that you are very happy that they have done their business in the litter tray and they will know they have done something right and continue to do so.

Soon your dog will get used to using the litter tray and will go there each time they need to go to the toilet, carry on giving your dog treats for a while and then slowly move on to just praising him.

You should still train your dog to go outside when it needs to do his business but a litter tray is very reliable for times when you are out or if your dog needs to go in the middle of the night. You don't want to wake up to any nasty surprises in the morning do you!

Litter training your dog will make for a happier household and will bring a bond to you and your pet.

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