Little Dog Lost

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Little Dog Lost

by Wayne Graham

It is amazing how close we can get to our dogs. Just yesterday I?m sitting at work and I get a call on my cell phone. I almost didn?t answer it. I didn?t recognize the number and I was swamped. But I did.

?Is this George Graham??


?We have your dog.?

?My dog is playing with my daughter?s dogs today. How do you have him??

?His name is Toby??

Immediately I shifted into the sympathetic ?Fight or Flight? mode.

?Where are you??

?This is the Northshore Animal Hospital.?

Have you ever had your heart stop? I lost both my parents and didn?t feel like I felt then.

?Is he all right??

?Oh yes. We found him playing in our parking lot.? [This was a distance his little feet shouldn?t have carried him]

I?m not sure how many speed laws I broke getting there. Come to find out he was there with Whitley, my daughter?s dog. They had gotten out of the fenced in back yard. Whitley was having a lark. Toby was scared

to death.

What was my point? Oh yes. We love our dogs and would miss them if they were gone. Thank goodness he is tagged. Thank goodness a higher power took the dogs to a place where people knew what to do.

In our present world we assume our loved ones will be there. But, dogs don?t always know where they are. Some breeds are worse than others. Like my King Charles Cavalier. They are noted for chasing a butterfly and suddenly realizing they are lost.

The tag that led them to me cost me $2 at the pet store.

Best $2 I have ever spent.

For 30 years, Dr Graham has been helping people treat and prevent disease by showing them how to live in a clean environment.

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