Little Known Dog Fun Facts

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Little Known Dog Fun Facts

by Rosie Harvey

Fun fact 1 ?An estimated one million dogs are named as beneficiaries in people?s wills. Many people get so attached to their dog that they ensure they are cared for appropriately once they have departed from this life. Hmm, I think I?ll just check the wife?s will just in case!

Fun fact 2 - You know the old saying that you can?t teach old dog?s new tricks? Well you can! As long as he?s not feeling too tired poor thing. Your older dog has the same capacity to learn new training and behavior as he did when he was a puppy? and having been through it all once before sometimes helps make it even easier.

Fun fact 3 ? Apparently, 94% of dog owners say that their dog makes them smile at least once a day. Wow that?s a lot of smiles!

Fun fact4 ? When you chose your dog did you take time to consider what name to give it or did you just give a name off the top of your head? It would appear that the most popular name for new dogs is Max.

Fun fact 5 - While our eyes are built to detect both color and light, dogs have a greater need to see light than color. Their eyes contain more rods (the light detection pieces of the eye) than cones (the color detectors) to allow them to see fairly well even in darkness.

Fun fact 6 - In addition to their night vision, dogs also have bigger pupils than people. This helps them track moving objects for longer distances without having to move their heads. And there was me thinking that my dog just couldn?t be bothered!

Fun fact 7 - Most domesticated pups can crank their engines up to 32 km per hour when running full speed. Incidentally letting your dog run around regularly can reduce his stress level and risk of ulcers (as well as many other problems). If you can, just picture your pup hurtling round your house at 30 kmh, I bet I can guess whose stress levels will be the highest!

Fun fact 8 - Have you spent any time on, the newest trend in social networking so I am told? Well, if your pooch is somebody who?s anybody, be sure he has an account and profile on, Friendster?s canine counterpart.

Fun Fact 9 - A dog helped in inventing VELCRO! Yep, it?s true I tell you. The inventor, George de Mestral, reputedly took his dog for a walk in a rural area and, upon arriving home, found his fur covered in burrs. After examining them under a microscope, he emulated the hook and eye structure to make one of the most versatile fabrics in history.

Fun fact10 - The roots of a dog?s teeth are longer than the teeth themselves to hold them securely in place.

Fun Fact 11 ? I bet you can?t guess where the boxer breed got their name from? Go on have a guess I dare you! Ok you win, you were right, the boxer get their name from the way they play with their friends. At the beginning of a play fight, they stand on their hind legs and swing at their opponent with their paws, thus giving the appearance of boxing. Smarty pants!

Fun Fact 12 - The makers of Beano also make a doggie-gas reliever called Curtail.

Well there you have it a few fun facts to brighten up your day. I liked the one about the doggie-gas reliever, ha! ha! who thinks of these things?

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