Living With Dogs and Carpeting

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Living With Dogs and Carpeting

by James C

If you have dogs and carpeting you know how difficult it can be to live with both. They seem to do everything possible to destroy your carpet. In this article you will learn a few tips to help keep your carpet in good shape when you have dogs.

The first tip I have for you is to keep your pet clean. I'm sure most of you give your pets baths often but you might not be doing it often enough. Dogs, especially sporting breeds, produce quite a bit of body oil. By bathing them often you will reduce the amount of oil that gets transferred to your carpeting. Once it gets on your carpet it often manifests itself as dark areas where the pets lie. Clean them often to reduce this problem.

You should also be careful about chew toys such as rawhide. Try to find an area with hard surfaces for the dog to chew these treats. If they chew them on carpet they will inevitably leave a pool of slobber on the carpet. Use extra caution if you give the dog flavored rawhides. These contain dies which can easily stain your carpets. Avoid these if possible.

My last tip involves Berber carpet. If you have Berber carpet you have another problem. Snags. Try to keep your dogs nails trimmed in order to prevent them from snagging your carpet. If their claw gets snagged on a Berber carpet fiber it can do a great deal of damage to the carpeting.

We all love our dogs but most of us love having a clean home as well. By taking a little time and care you can let yourself have both.

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