Looking To Help Your Pooch In The Car Free Advice

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Looking To Help Your Pooch In The Car Free Advice

by Matt Kush

We've all been there...trying to get your best friend in the car and have your pooch be comfortable. From travel food/water bowls to dog car seat covers...we want them to be happy, but which one should you buy.

Well there are a ton of great manufacturers out there and the choices are endless. Jeez, there's even a huge selection of simple dog car seats..from leather to booster to the ones that make breakfast (just kidding). But in all honesty, how do you choose great stuff for your pooch when he/she travels with you all the time??

Here are a couple of tips you can keep in mind before you buy:

1) The habits of your pet depict what you need for great travel. That means, do they slobber, do they chew things, are they tini and like to jump around in your lap. What travel habits do they have and what product is best suited for them.

2) THE travel habits of YOU, the driver! This is the biggie. Now, do you put things away when not in use. Do you like lighter things? Do you prefer to have travel items up all the time?

These are simple questions and what we've found as far as travel products (dog ramps, car seat cover, suv barrier) is feedback is key. We have the feedback (free) from our expert friends about which product they prefer and if you want to read yourself before buying, by all means...


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