Loyalty Between You and Your Dog

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Loyalty Between You and Your Dog

by Terrie Cogswell

Your pet (Dog) in most cases will always choose you over anyone else that enters the house. Your pet gives you unconditional love, friendship, and loyalty. It is your job to be loyal to your pet. Giving loyalty doesn?t necessarily mean treating them like royalty.

Your pet needs your love, respect, and attention, just as if it were your child or spouse. Especially those that are left alone for hours of the day, while everyone is at work or school. They are a member of the family, right?

Set aside a little time in the day for them, and I don?t mean just that little walk outside so they can do their business. Sit right down on the floor with them. Play with them with their toys. Give them hugs. Take them outside and play some ball or Frisbee, (weather permitting). And if you just don?t have the time during the weekdays for such activities, find time during the weekends.

If you pretend or act as if your pet isn?t around unless it?s feeding time or business duty, they will begin to feel neglected, left out, or even un-loved.

After dinner time when you relax in front of the television, let them join you in some way. If you prefer not to have your pet on the furniture, let them set at your feet. If you?re enjoying a movie with a bowl of snacks to munch on, have some little snacks handy for your pet as well. It will make them feel loved and that they are a special part of the family.

If you need to correct your pet for some reason, use a rolled up news paper or (my little trick), a spray bottle of water. Always use a stern voice when correcting. Let them know they are loved, but that you are the boss. Don?t use a whole line of words. They won?t be able to follow it and understand that much at one time. The most you will get from that is, your pet cocking its head back and forth thinking, ?huh??

Your expectations of your pet should be reasonable. After all, they are animals, not human, even though they may think so.

So let your dog follow you to the garage to watch you work, or to the kitchen to watch you fix a meal. He/she only wants to be your loyal friend and companion.

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