Luxury Dog Beds Demand is Quickly Rising for Luxury Pet Furniture

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Luxury Dog Beds Demand is Quickly Rising for Luxury Pet Furniture

by Jennifer Pezzillo

Today many manufactures and designers are enthused with the demand over the past several years for luxury dog and cat bedding. Designers are keeping with this trend and providing pet owners much more than a stiff wicker basket or an ordinary rug like the typical dog bed has been. More people today are interested in design, and pet owners are looking for not only functional, safe dog and cat beds but pet beds that look good and fit in with their interior design without looking like a monstrosity. That is why manufacturers and designers are offering luxury pet bedding that is a fully finished piece of furniture that comes complete with cushioning and upholstery.

The rise in the demand for offering luxury pet beds can be contributed to the fact that dogs and cats have become members of the family who are as important as a child to some pet owners. Many people today are deciding to wait on having children or making the choice not to have any at all, or same sex couples, or children have left home so pets are filling that void and making the perfect addition. People now also have more spending freedom, are style conscious and want to lavish their four-legged loved one.

Pet owners have many design styles, fabrics and colors to match not only their home d?cor but also their and their pet?s personality when it comes to choosing a pet bed. Pet owners can choose from pet pillows, mats, throws, sofas, chaises, designer furniture and much more. An important thing for pet owners to remember when choosing a bed to match their d?cor is this is for your pet! Does your pet like to spread out and lounge or do they like to squeeze into small spaces? Pets that suffer from joint pain will find orthopedic dog beds are by far the most luxurious. Also consider the smell, some pets will react to wood or plastic.

As designers become very passionate with this growing trend more and more design shows, magazines and events have leaped at the opportunity for those dog and cat owners who are interested. Even the lodging industry is keeping up with this current trend as noted in a recent press release dated September 20th, 2006, ?TRAVELODGE DESIGNS LUXURY BED FOR TRAVELLERS' PETS.? It states, ?Talk about creature comforts... In response to customers who cannot bear to be parted from their beloved pets, one of the UK's biggest hotel chains has created a customized luxury bed for its canine and feline guests. Results from a survey conducted among 1000 people by Travelodge identified that almost two-thirds of respondents (61%) admitted they hate leaving their pets behind when they are away from home. To respond to this demand, Travelodge has customized a replica of their luxury king size bed to accommodate its customers' pets. The bespoke pet bed is 2' 6'' long and 2' wide and comes complete with mattress, pillow and duvet in Travelodge colours. Pet beds will be trialled in Newcastle, Liverpool, Birmingham and Nottingham hotels.?

In conclusion, with the rise of organic pet foods, nutritionally balanced pet treats, pet clothing, designer carriers, luxury dog and cat beds are something designers are extremely excited to give pet owners the chance to not only have a dog or cat pet bed but have an additional piece of furniture they are excited and proud about.

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