Magnetic Collars Work Miracles

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Magnetic Collars Work Miracles

by Sue Dayani

A magnetic collar has been used for six months now on two dogs. One is a German Shepherd and the other a King Charles Spaniel. Both are aged 10. The German Shepherd is a playful, guard dog and due to a good lot of exercise in her younger years she has suffered stiffness in her hind legs and some arthritis. Arthritis is one of the most common illnesses affecting German Shepherds and without effective treatment it can shorten their life. Most people use tablets prescribed from their vet, others use supplements and some are trying the magnetic collar. Magnetic therapy is known to help people with arthritis by independent trials conduted in the last few years. It has also through many successful users been known to help pets too.

Since the German Shepherd has worn the a magnetic collar it has given her a new lease of life. She is still a bit stiff after lying down for long periods, but apart from that she is like a puppy again. Sometimes she seems to forget she's getting older, by running around after squirrels for hours.

The King Charles Spaniel is also very puppy like since wearing a magnetic collar. Despite his age he not only looks like a puppy but he shows no major outward sign of uneasiness from his serious heart condition. Apart from the regular cough from his enlarged heart pressing on his lungs, he is absolutely fine while exercising. Heart murmors affects nearly 50% of King Charles spaniels but the breeders are trying hard to avoid breeding ones with heart murmors anymore, with the hope of eradicating the inherited discease forever.

He recently had a road accident and the vet said he had a remarkable recovery. He was in a terrible state. His leg was broken and he has several grazes on his tummy and legs. His wounds healed very fast and his leg lost its limp after only 2 weeks, even though the vet said he would need an operation to walk properly again. The magnetic collar could be one explanation for a speedy recovery. Magnetic therapy is being used more and more as a natural alternative for pain relief, quicker recovery from illness or injury and boosting energy levels in people and pets.

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