Make Your Dog Roll in Ecstacy by Rubbing its Tummy

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Make Your Dog Roll in Ecstacy by Rubbing its Tummy

by Charley Hwang

Where is the place on a dog where you can rub and it will curl up in ecstasy? The belly, of course! Dogs adored being rubbed on the tummies, and they can even be put to sleep that way. I have personally put my Chihuahuas to sleep by rubbing their bellies for ten minutes only!

When approached, most dogs will roll over and stick their paws up in a silent demand to be rubbed on the belly. Certain owners may see this as an act of submission and it should be fixed. However, this is not a submission issue. Overly submissive dogs who are stressed out may display this particular behavior, but a normal, healthy dog does the rollover just as often, especially when it is with the people it loves and trusts.

When your dog is willing to roll over for you to rub its tummy, such as when it is around you or members of the family, it shows that your dog trusts you 100%, as dogs don?t just flip onto the backs for mere strangers.

Here are some tips you can learn to understand your dog?s favourite treat and the next time you give it a belly rub, it may be a lot more enjoyable for it.

- The places where you can rub would be like places your dog cannot normally reach, like its chest, for example. Dogs normally cannot scratch or nip at their own chests, and if it gets rubbed they will respond affectionately. This is a way of exchanging gestures of respect and appreciation between you and your dog.

- Don?t leave the belly out, after all this is about belly rubs. A dog?s belly is usually furless. This shows that the area is more sensitive than other parts of the body. By rubbing this particular spot on his body will give it so much pleasure it can even fall asleep while you do it for a certain period of time.

- Exert a little pressure. You can choose to rub lightly which will result in a light tickling sensation to your dog, which will feel great, but using some pressure will be invigorating for your dog as well. Use your fingertips and add a little pressure as well while massaging his belly in a circular motion. Squeeze and massage the top of his legs, if possible, for that is pleasurable for your beloved dog as well. See below for more information on Dog Obedience.

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