Make Your Life a Little Easier with Proper Dog Grooming Tools

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Make Your Life a Little Easier with Proper Dog Grooming Tools

by Michael Louis

Taking your dog to a professional groomer can get expensive, especially if you happen to own a high-maintenance pooch. We all know how to bathe a dog, but what about the rest? How do you go about trimming their nails and hair? Products made for humans are unacceptable. All dog breeds need their ears cleaned. Do you know how to do this? With a little training and the proper dog grooming tool you can save money and have a fun experience with your pet.

Which Dog Grooming Tools do I Need?

Before you purchase a litany of equipment take in mind your dog and what he or she needs. The first step is to have a sturdy surface for grooming. If your dog is antsy and scared a muzzle may be a good investment. A muzzle doesn?t hurt a dog in any way, but does protect him or her from biting you or him or herself. Once you?ve found a sturdy surface the following dog grooming tools will help keep your puppy healthy and happy:

The Brush

Every breed needs a good brushing now and then. Long-haired dogs, such as the Maltese and Yorkshire terrier, require daily brushing. A flat brush is best for a long coat. Short haired dogs can benefit from a bristle brush. This will leave their coat shiny and free of loose hair. Before you bathe your dog, brush them out so as to remove all loose hair.

Nail Trimmers

The best time to clip your dog?s nails is directly after the bath. This dog grooming tool allows you keep their nails short and prevent them from bending and breaking in awkward and painful ways. As long as you use clippers expressly for dogs your tool is safe to use.

Doggy Tooth Brush

?What?? you ask. A toothbrush! Yes, a toothbrush. Home dog grooming tools are not complete without the toothbrush. It?s easy for your puppy to get plaque build up, which leads to infection and possible heart failure. Purchasing a toothbrush for dogs will allow you to gently brush off excess plaque and keep their breathe smelling like roses, well, almost.

Cotton Balls

A dog grooming tool that you may actually have already! Cotton balls are great for cleaning your doggie?s ears. Avoid Q-tips or anything pointy. If doggy flinches, its easy to jab a q-tip down too far. Simple wet the cotton ball and wipe the outer area of the ear. Don?t wipe further or you could damage the ear.

Home grooming can be a rewarding experience. You will get a little wet and may smell a bit of dog at the end, but with a set of home dog grooming tools you will save yourself money and learn a little about your pooch!

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