Make Your Puppy Obey

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Make Your Puppy Obey

by Wycliffe Williams

Puppies are so adorable. They love to frolic and play and can capture your heart before you know it. Sometimes they act like children with their antics. It is important though that you make your puppy obey your every command.

Obedience must be built into your puppy daily. As you go about instilling obedience, you are also learning about your puppy. The things that make him tick. They have personalities also. Take the time and observe your puppy at play.

Watch your puppy closely. Guide him; help him to develop a non-aggressive temperament. Make your puppy obey your instructions at all times. In many instances, its not aggressive dogs, its aggressive owners.

Owning a puppy can be a rewarding experience. I firmly believe that the key to owning an animal is being totally responsible for that animal. Depending on its breed, some puppies will grow into fearsome dogs.

This fact should always be taken into consideration. Puppies that grow up to be big dogs need to really be properly trained during its early life. Don?t be fooled though. Not only does a big dog bite.

Dog owners need to be prepared to give up their time when raising their puppy. The puppy will have to be fed and given water regularly.

Also your puppy has to be groomed, exercised and then there is the constant petting. But more importantly, during all of this, you must make your puppy obey. He must be properly trained.

The puppy you see today will not be the dog you?ll see in a few months. They grow quickly. The other thing they love is routine. If you are an habitual person; your puppy will love you. As he follows you around he?ll get to know your habits.

It has to be remembered, we do not have total control over a dog?s instinct. An attack cannot always be predicted. You can train your puppy using passive techniques.

That?s always good because you provide your puppy with non-aggressive options. Whichever technique you adopt though, please be aware. It is imperative that you make your puppy obey your every command at all times.

I?m usually careful whenever entering someone?s home and a dog is present. The dog owner usually says that he doesn?t bite.

I always respond, ?does he have teeth? Then he bites.?

While on the topic of dog bites, here is a Dog Owners Guide, (DOG). I like to include at least one DOG tip:

Never leave your dog unsupervised around children. No matter how domesticated you may believe your family dog to be, don?t do it.

Rambunctious children may spark a dog to attack in order to protect the quieter child. Dogs play in different ways. Some are rough, others, not so rough. To an infant rough play could be deadly.

So please parents and guardians of small children. If you must move away from the children, take the dog with you.

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