Making Removing Dog Urine as Simple as Possible

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Making Removing Dog Urine as Simple as Possible

by Michael Louis

Taking care of your pets can be quite taxing. This is especially true if your pet is not housebroken. The first few weeks ? or even months, if your pet takes some time to learn ? of trying to train your pet can prove to be very frustrating. Aside from getting your pets to learn the rules of the house, every home owners fear is that their dogs - not knowing much about living in a home - could start wreaking havoc on the furnishings of the home.

Having pets at home can be quite hard on your furniture - especially your carpets and walls. Dogs scratch and claw and relieve themselves whenever and wherever they see fit. While training your dogs, you will have to deal with a lot of urine and fecal stains. And if you feel that you are over your head and already considering popping up your surrender flag, there is some good news for you. You can deal with these stains easily and effectively.

First of all, to avoid having to go through all this, you might want to ensure that your pets are trained so that they do not cause that much trouble. Make sure you make urinating on carpets and furniture as uncomfortable and as uninviting as possible. This involves consistently, yet gently, showing your dogs the permitted area for it to relieve itself.

Cleaning after them can be quite a fuss. Luckily there are means of cleaning your carpet that are efficient and practical.

1. Train you dog not to urinate at an area ? make the right place for your pet to relieve itself inviting and easy to access. And make your living room a place they wouldn?t want to urinate on. This can be done by covering some of your furnishings with vinyl material.

Show your dog how you clean and soak up its urine form carpets and then show take the soiled towels and newspapers to the area you want your dog to relieve on.

2. Search and Destroy ? The problem with some urine stains is that when they dry off, they become harder to spot. Some intrepid owners use their keen sense of smell ? just like their dog?s ? and sniff at the carpets to find the offending spot.

This technique does not work for all ? especially those that are a little queasy at sniffing such stuff. You can also use a black light bulb. Most stains, even if they are dry and months old, will show when shone on by black light lamps.

3. Use appropriate cleansers ? For rags and small materials that fit washing machines, use your usual detergent with some baking soda. This helps fight odor and stains. If it is your carpet that is stained use a commercial urine remover. There many of these available commercially. You can try to searching for them on the internet for one that fits your particular needs and material.

4. Soak up what is there ? Before dumping a load of urine remover on a soiled carpet. Soak up what can be absorbed using paper towels and newspapers. Removing such will make cleaning the carpet much simpler and easier to manage.

5. Use wet vac ? For deep and severely stained carpets, you might want to use a wet vac or even a steam vacuum. These vacuums are very effective at thoroughly cleaning your carpets. If you do not own one, you can rent one from any nearby housekeeping service in your locality.

8. Use odor neutralizers ? To counter stubborn residue odors use a commercially available deodorizer. There are some products that specifically cater to pets and urine. They are the ones you will want to look at.

Michael Louis is a dog lover with a passion for knowledge who enjoys sharing his dog cleaning care secrets. Now that you know how to remove that bad odor, learn the secrets to house training your dog and stop this from happening again at

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