Making Your Own Dog Shampoo

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Making Your Own Dog Shampoo

by Hal Storm

Whether you or your pet are ready for it, a bath is going to be a necessity at some point. When the magic time comes, you can make your own dog shampoo for the pup of your life.

Making dog shampoo is fun because making things by hand are always fun. Let you children take part in it as well. Gifts for your pet loving friends make fun too. All you need to do for the shampoo is: combine 4 ounces of glycerin (available at any pharmacy), 1 pint of liquid dish soap, 1 pint of water, and 1 pint of apple cider vinegar. Mix well and you have the shampoo ready! It can be stored in your old shampoo bottles or a similar container easy for use.

When buying something for your dog, you need to bear several things in mind before you make your purchase. They are: your dog's age (puppy, adult, senior), breed, size, health, where you plan on using this item for your dog (inside or outside the house) and how much do you plan on spending.

Other dog shampoo options may contain saponified coconut, distilled water, pure olive, palm, castor, orris root powder jojoba and sweet almond oils, organic neem oil, organic hemp seed oil, essential oils of citronella and eucalyptus. They moisturize and have a quick lather, insect repelling essential oils and are biodegradable for lake-side scrubs.

These personal dog shampoos make your pets smell great and the duration of time that the soap scent remains with the dog exceeds any other shampoo you have ever used. They are good and advised by all the veterinarians for dogs with itchy and allergic skin. Even when you take the dog swimming a couple times a week, it still keeps him smelling great. Using these dog shampoos, you won?t have to use the flea and tick preventing treatment.

For example, usage of these dog shampoos is even advised for the English bulldog puppies with extremely sensitive-skin. So, even if your dog is still successful at finding a dirt spot, don?t worry a lot, even he has a sensitive skin.

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