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Making the A List

by Valentina Bellicova

Its grand to make the A lisit and rub shoulders with the distinguished and the beautiful, but how to join the ranks of Paris Hilton and have the invites include your doggie?

A well mannered dog, just like a well mannered human, is a pleasure to be with and receives more treats and invitations to fun places than its ill mannered cousins. What that means to you is that friends are more likely to accept your invitations, often bearing gifts not only for you, but a treat or two for your pet baby too. Same friends are likely to invite you to their home and casually drop ?oh, and bring Cujo with you?? Now your sweetie will not be left alone, sulking in silence on his futon while you go off to enjoy yourself. A well mannered dog is also easier to live with.

But how to ensure that your dog is well mannered? Your new pup is full of energy, bounding here and there, jumping up on you, tugging at its leash, lunging at other dogs, and the most unpardonable of all, not letting you know that hmmm ? it needs a nature break.

Ok, most of us do a good job of house training. Horror of horrors however, I have witnessed guest dogs leaving unwelcome deposits in hallways and foyers! But what about the social graces of a pooch? While we may think it?s cute that Cujo shows his excitement at the arrival of our guests by jumping up on them, I can assure you your guests are less enthused about this form of greeting than you are. Aside from torn stockings, snagged pants or skirt, a bigger dog?s weight can topple a youngster or an elderly person. This most common doggie faux pas can easily be corrected. When your pooch next jumps up to greet you, gently bend your leg and push him away with your knee.

When out on walkies a well mannered dog will stay by your side, not pulling or tugging every which way. When let off the leash, a well mannered dog will return when called, the first time, every time. Dining out? Of course ? al fresco, nicely tucked away beside you and the table. Super friendly to dogs? Yes! I have seen an elderly gentleman enjoying his daily morning latte, with his furry friend seated at the table, enjoying a croissant or two. It is so neat to see! Warning ? be sure that you never give your dog anything with chocolate, definitely not on their diet list and can be lethal.

So how do you ensure that Cujo and you are the epitome of good manners? The obvious is to go to training classes ? both of you will learn and your dog will learn to socialize not only with other humans but also with other dogs. The Yellow Pages will have listings in your area. Interview the training centers and don?t be afraid to ask for referrals. Another option is to purchase good online training material. I like SitStayFetch a comprehensive, quick study dog training course by renowned trainer Daniel Stevens. No need to wait for delivery ? this course is instantly downloadable as an and within minutes you and your luvvy puppy are on your way to being on everyone?s ?A? list. Ah yes ... Paris? Who?

Valentina Bellicova is a world traveller, an author and a public speaker. An ardent student of life she observes that every human is bettered for having had a dog in their life. To subscribe to her newsletter, visit her online dog emporium at

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