Maran Illustrated Dog Training Review

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Maran Illustrated Dog Training Review

by David Lambert

Maran Illustrated Guide to Dog Training is one of the few dog training manuals providing step-by-step instructions to perform each dog training task AND hundreds of full-color screen shots showing you exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it.

What Are The Pros and Cons of this illustrated book?

The Pros

  • Top Notch Visual Presentation: It is perfect for any visual learner who prefers seeing what to do rather than reading lengthy explanations. There are over 500 helpful and clear full color photographs taken from a different zoom settings and camera angles, that simplify the learning process and explain the meaning of each task.
  • Easy to Read: The book is pretty and well organized. Synthetic topic headings and text, intelligent use of white space to organize page layout and photos make the book easy and fast to read even for people who don?t have time or will to read a book.
  • Excellent Information: The book contains over 256 pages full of the latest dog training methods and techniques, describing the myriad ways to perform each task, teaching obedience, scent work or agility, or handler protection. Provides extensive coverage of topics ranging from how to perform the sit command to more complex commands, it?s a great reference for every skill level.
  • Positive and Not Dangerous Training: Dog Trainer Lisa Roussac Kruitwagen explains really well the fundamentals of ?positive training?, which is the most peaceable, positive, scientific proven method to train animals and dogs using basic obedience exercises, tricks, games, more general topics such as socialization. The techniques are all not negative ?no punishment-, up-to-date, based about giving assignments and socialization, the information is valuable and well presented. The methods exposed are effective because they don?t teach to ?pressure? the dog into avoiding you, become afraid or aggressive, but focus on learning how to communicate with him and build a good relationship. If you use prong collars and corrections you can mess up your puppy by correcting at the wrong time or correcting to hard. Using the positive methods explained in this Maran Guide you really cannot damage your dog by making mistakes.
  • The Cons

  • This book would have been perfectly balanced if it included a section about reward-based dog training and more detailed information/methods about eliminating undesired behavior.
  • I would have appreciated more photos in ?understanding body language? section.
  • Book Topics:

  • Getting Started: Where to get a dog, dog?s development, nutrition, health, day care for dogs.
  • Positive Dog Training Fundamentals: covers basics, equipment, rewards.
  • Housetraining: Crate and Paper training.
  • Socialization: Bite inhibition, dogs with children and babies.
  • Basic Commands: Getting the dog's attention, commands, how to teach sit, stand, down, settle, let's go, come, off, move, give, and stay.
  • Beyond the Basics: Go to your place, heel, wait, touch and more.
  • Fun Games: hide and seek, tug, how do you do, Puppy push-ups , fetch, front and center, recall game and more.
  • Cool Tricks: read, cookie on paw, catch, back up, hugs, speak, take a bow, shake a paw, wave, sit pretty, dance, spin, play possum, roll over, crawl, over, weave.
  • Working Off Leash: Progressing towards it, off leash parks, sports and activities for your dog.
  • Working with Problem Behaviors: Begging, jumping up on people or furniture, destructive chewing and digging, chasing cars or people, excessive barking, separation anxiety aggression, resource guarding and more.
  • Recipes and Reference: Dog treat recipes, index, glossary of terms.
  • Conclusion:

    Overall, Maran Illustrated Dog Training is impressive in terms of aesthetic appeal and very well done and comprehensive in terms of content, containing lots of easy to learn information packed into 250 pages and illustrated with 500 photos.It would make a great gift and I recommend it to both beginners and children.

David Lambert is a dog lover, positive dog training enthusiast and creator of

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