Margaret Needed Suggestions On What To Do So Her Dog Would Obey Her Command

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Margaret Needed Suggestions On What To Do So Her Dog Would Obey Her Command

by D Stevens

Margaret has a one year old lurcher. He is house-trained, doesn?t pull on the lead and usually comes back when called. Lurcher is a rescue dog who was ill-treated so rather nervous of people.

However one of the problems Margaret is facing is that he is very friendly with other dogs. Usually he obeys the command when called, however when playing with other dogs he ignores the recall command and the leave command.

SitStayFetch: Consultation With Margaret

Hi Margaret,

Thanks for the enquiry. I believe that there are a few courses of action available to you and your dog.

No.1 "Secrets to becoming the alpha dog" I think this will help you to enforce your position as the person (or alpha dog) that your dog should listen to. To my mind this is where most problems originate from- a lack of authority on the part of the owner/trainer. So use this techniques as often as you can.

No.2 Review the "Secrets to training your dog" The particular section (in DOG 103) that I would like you to review covers the best methods of ensuring that your dog learns and obeys your commands. These techniques are also very important as they give you the best methods for communicating effectively with your dog.

No.3 Command enforcement It is very important that when you issue a command that you are in a position to enforce that command if your dog does not obey you straightaway.

This is relatively easy when learning the first stages of any command as you are generally close enough to your dog to be able to make any correction to his behavior. The problem comes if the dog was not taught properly in the first place or when you get an older dog (such as in your case) who seems to have a mind of his own.

To overcome this I would suggest that you follow DOG 203: Commands to Start, from the beginning. You may well have taught him some or most of these commands but it would still be worth while going through each one to ensure that he responds to you when you ask something of him.

Having frequent training sessions will also make him more responsive to you when you command him to do something. It is also important that you have full confidence that he will obey you before you move on to the next stage of any progression.

I would also suggest that for a start you train him in an area where there are no distractions such as your other dog or dogs in general. You need to get him focused on you so that you have his full attention.

I am sure that if you follow these courses of action, you will have a dog with a greater sense of discipline and one that will answer to you every time.

I hope this helps and good luck!

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