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More Dog Safety Tips

by Leigh Adams

Is your dog partial to water? Does he enjoy boating, fishing and lying by the pool as much as you? Although some breeds of dogs are known as being strong swimmers any dog put in the wrong situation can drown. Some dogs fall into pools and are unable to get out and finally drown due to exhaustion. Still other dogs may panic once they are in the water and may not be able to right themselves. Don't take let your dog out near deep water without a specially made floatation jacket made for dogs. They are adjustable for all size dogs and come in many different styles. So whether you are on a hike or boating with your dog you can find just the right type of dog life jacket.

Fleas are another concern in the heat and moisture of summer. Flea bites can cause an allergic reaction in your pet. This may result in crusty skin, itching and hair lose. Fleas can also infect your pet with other, much worse parasites such as tapeworms. Even the common mosquito can infect your pet with heart worm, which can lead to serious health problems. Purchase preventative means from your vet for both fleas and heart worm. They are both available in many varieties.

Do you clip your dog in the summer, thinking he will be better off in the heat? It may be counterproductive. Your dogs coat holds heat near the body in the winter and is meant to insulate against the heat in the summer. Your pet?s fur also works as sunscreen! But not all pet's fur, dark haired dogs are more easily affected by the heat and you may still want to clip this kind of pet. Not only do you want to protect your pet's skin from harmful ultra violet rays, their eyes should be protected as well. Yes, even doggy sunglasses, with adjustable straps, of course, are available.

Remember to groom your pet well year round, especially in the summer months. Matted coats are an excellent breeding ground for skin infections.

In closing, your pets can enjoy the summer months with the proper care and pet products. Your vet can provide you with more information on how to care for your pet in the summer.

Leigh Adams is an avid dog owner and trainer. She is a frequent contributor to this Online Pet Supply Store. When not outside with her dogs Mimmi and SoSo, she enjoys painting and raising Koi fish in her backyard pond.

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