More Entrepreneurs Are Starting Their Own Businesses In The Booming Pet Industry Than Ever Before

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More Entrepreneurs Are Starting Their Own Businesses In The Booming Pet Industry Than Ever Before

by Jeremy S Martin

One of the greatest reasons that the dog daycare business is flourishing is because of the Baby Boomers? the Baby Boomers are plagued by the "empty nest" syndrome. They no longer have children and are filling this void in their life with the purchase of a pet. And its no wonder dogs are so popular: they improve blood pressure according to the State University of New York, they improve depression as well as loneliness, walking a dog has been proven by studies worldwide to have an instant positive effect on stress.

Because dogs mean so much to Americans, we are spending more money on trivial dog accessories such as toys, vitamins, luxury beds, and grooming. Think about this: pet owners (dog owners in particular) are treating their dogs better than ever before...quite possibly even better than their own children. Dogs are literally a member of the family; they are groomed on a regular basis, bathed regularly, and given special doggie treats and vitamins. Dogs are taken to the vet for surgeries, and they are taken to doggie hospitals for CHEMO treatments for crying out loud. It wasn't very long where dogs were shot or put down when they got sick, old, or so much as broke a leg?.

Take a look at the numbers:

-In 2006 it was estimated that nearly 2.7 Billion dollars was spent on dog daycares and grooming services in America alone.

-In the last 10 years money spent on pets has doubled.

-By 2007 the pet industry is expected to become an $8 billion market? according to

-63% of American homes have at least one pet.

Think about it:

If there was ever a right time to start a business, now might be the time to consider looking into starting a business in the pet industry, especially the dog industry.

With nearly limitless information at the tip of our fingers, you can bet there is something to get you started on your business venture. Websites like provide the resources needed to get you on the right track, and making profits as soon as possible. Helping the average person succeed with valuable knowledge and business know-how, these people will be your backbone instead of leaving you to go through the whole new experience on your own. Their website is also a valuable resource for articles as well as a page of related helpful links to other businesses tied into the dog daycare industry.

In a time when more and more people are beginning to realize there is more happiness in working for themselves, it is important that they choose a business which offers potential and a good future. The dog daycare business has proven to be one of those opportunities, and I for one am excited to observe its success over the coming years.

Jeremy Martin
President and CEO of:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jeremy Martin is a recognized authority on the subject of Dog Daycare businesses. His website:, provides the resources you need to start your own Dog Daycare.

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