More Than A Regular Dog Wash

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More Than A Regular Dog Wash

by Eric Hartwell

All of us dog owners know that it is important to keep our dogs squeaky clean and smelling fresh especially if we spend a lot of time with them hugging and playing around. It is more important especially if you or your kids let them sleep with you or in your rooms. They need to be clean so that you don?t get any allergies or worse contract skin diseases because of the bacteria and germs that they may be carrying with them.

It is every dog owner?s responsibility to regularly bathe and clean his dogs. Though most dogs don?t need to be bathed that often, this would be an appropriate time to do other necessary things like ensuring that your dog is free from fleas and ticks, brushing his teeth and cleaning his ears. This would be an appropriate time to do all these tasks at one time since it is quite difficult to let your dog stay still for these actions. These are things that we often neglect which are very important for a healthy and clean pooch.

Bathing your dogs would also create some bonding time with you and your beloved pet. While it is a fact that many dogs hate being bathed, they would definitely appreciate the special attention and affectionate gesture they will be receiving when you give them a bath.

Get rid of unwanted ticks and fleas

Despite all the efforts we exert in keeping our dogs clean, one way or another it may get some fleas and ticks often times. This is especially true if you live in a wooded vicinity or if you have a lot of plants. If your dog is also used to the habit of visiting and playing with other dogs, he may get the fleas and ticks from them. It is important that you solve the problem regarding your dog?s ticks and fleas at an early stage. Fleas and ticks nourish themselves with your dog?s blood supply and they bring with them diseases that could be harmful for your dog.

Ticks and fleas hide under your dog?s fur and it is best to look for them on the belly and under the collar area.

Dog?s teeth need brushing too

Just like our teeth, dog?s teeth also require regular brushing. Most pet doctors say that it is ideal to brush your dog?s teeth twice every week for their teeth and gums to be healthy. Your can buy from your neighborhood pet store a dog toothbrush and specially formulated toothpaste just for them. I know that at first brushing their teeth would be a struggle especially if they are not used to it but their toothpaste has been made to be of a taste that is pleasing for them. If there are times that you do not get the luxury of time to brush your dog?s teeth you can opt to have your dog eat dog biscuits that clean their teeth although brushing them is still the better option.

Clean Dog Ears

You can find a cleaning solution for your dog?s ears. Dip the cotton swab in the solution and lightly clean your dog?s ears. While you may encounter some problem in keeping your dog still this usually takes a short time.

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