My Puppy Eats the Feces of My Other Puppy

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My Puppy Eats the Feces of My Other Puppy

by Burke Jones

Question: How do I keep my 9 month old puppy from wanting to eat the feces of the 6 month old puppy?

Answer: The first thing to understand is that this is a very common behaviour. Mother dogs clean their nursing puppies and the feces. They do this to keep the den clean and sanitary. Sometime, which I suspect is happening in your case, other adult dogs take over this behaviour.

Many times we don't know why a dog starts eating feces, but certain conditions can trigger the behavior. We should know these conditions, because they signal a dog that needs help.

  • A physical problem that causes pain, excessive hunger, or other sensations may start eating feces. If an adult dog suddenly starts this behavior, get him to a vet for a checkup.
  • If your dog is not getting enough to eat or waiting to long between meals, he may eat feces. Ask you veterinarian for an evaluation of the diet your feeding.
  • A dog with internal parasites or another condition that creates blood or other fece changes, may start suddenly to eat feces. Some dogs will eat the feces of another dog that have these substances in the fecal matter.
  • It could be mental! Some dogs know their owners will be mad if they poop in the house, so they eat it! This is a big reason not to punish your dog during housebreaking.
Be sure that you keep the yard clean. If there is no poop in the yard, there will be nothing to eat. You can also start to train your dog. Put the dog on a leash or long rope. Take him outside - if he shows in interest in eating poop, immediately pop the leash, and say "NO!" and call him back. Over time he will realize that you don't like this behaviour, and it will fade. Be consistent and patient!

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