My Puppy Just Ate My Cell Phone

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My Puppy Just Ate My Cell Phone

by Kirsten Frisch

So you just got a husky puppy...

Or maybe you are thinking about getting one.

Getting a puppy is really exciting, but after a week the excitement may turn into what have we done?

Puppies are a lot of work, and husky puppies... well, let me just say they make labrador retrievers look like saints. Anyone who owns a lab knows what kind of trouble they get into, at any age!

Even if you already own a dog, a husky puppy will push you to your doggone limits.


A curiosity that could kill a colony of cats. I am always amazed at how quickly a puppy can redesign a room. Even a room you thought you removed everything a puppy could think of getting into. You turn your back for 1 minute to answer the door and the next thing you know the puppy has all but swallowed your cell phone. You think how the heck did you get that?! I am sure I put it...

Puppies, as cute as they are, can disrupt an entire household. From sleepless nights due to several trips to the great outdoors, to constant whining during crate training.

And don't forget the vet bills. Puppies require several trips to the veterinarian. Often, puppies have some form of worms. This does not have anything to do with breeding or living conditions. Even healthy well-bred puppies have parasites. They also require a few rounds of vaccinations. Depending on the state, country, or province you live in the type of vaccinations they need can vary. Oh, and don't forget the cost of a crate, puppy food, a few toys, an adjustable collar, leash, and the quest for a dog sitter.

And you need to do it all again next month.

Puppies grow quickly. What you bought this month will most likely not be the right size next month. They will eat more food, need a new collar, and another set of shots.

And then there is the cost of training. You see, before you begin to crate train your puppy, you need to make sure they do not have a urinary tract infection (UTI). A UTI could prevent you from properly crate training your puppy. This is not something you could judge by watching your new puppy. Since the muscles they use to hold urine are not strong at a young age, they cannot hold bodily functions for very long. Less than an hour in most cases. If they have a UTI, they will confuse pain and urine and crate training.

And this problem is self reciprocating.

A UTI leads to painful urination, painful urination leads to confusion about elimination. Add all this to a husky puppy locked in a crate and you have a recipe for disaster. Chances are, in all the craziness a puppy adds to a household, you could easily miss this one.

When thinking about adding a puppy to your life, make sure you understand that life as you know it, is history.

About The Author Kirsten Frisch is a dog trainer specializing in the husky personality. She has over 8 years experience working with sled dogs in Alaska. You can find out more about Kirsten and her training methods at

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