Natural Dog Treats Look After Your Dog

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Natural Dog Treats Look After Your Dog

by Eric Hartwell

Treat Your Dog with Natural Dog Treats

Dogs, like human any being, have nutritional needs that must be met in their diet. If you think dog foods are enough for your dogs to stay fit and healthy, you are definitely depriving your dog of the essential nutrients and vitamins that they need. If natural food is beneficial to your body, it is but natural to assume that they can be good for your dogs, too. Thus, more and more dog owners provide their dogs with natural dog treats.

Going Natural

What comes to mind when you hear of natural dog treats? Beef bones? Nope. Not like the dog food you buy in the groceries, natural dog treats are not chemically processed to ensure that the nutrients in the food are intact. Since it has not been artificially processed, you can be sure that natural dog treat is free of chemical preservatives and fillers that are generally present in dog food that can be bought directly off supermarket shelves. Dog treats use edible ingredients that are safe for human consumption.

Pig?s Ears

There are commercial and fresh dog treats. If you don?t have time to prepare your dog treats, go for the commercially prepared one. Commercial dog treats? main ingredient is pig?s ears. Can you imagine your dog eating a pig?s ear? Well, that?s the natural favorite of your ?best friend? because of its enticing flavor. The good thing is, they also contain a reasonable amount of fat to keep your dog healthy and fit.

The best way to cook pig ears is through baking so as to maintain its natural taste. Before pulling a dog treat off the shelf, carefully read the label. Make sure that it is not chemically processed, free from preservatives and without food colors added.


Another favorite dog treat is Greenies. Greenies, as the word suggests, is packed with chlorophyll, the green coloring of the plant. Dog owners give Greenies to their dogs to naturally freshen their dog?s breath. Like any natural dog treat, it does not contain preservatives, artificial flavors or colorings. Dog owners find Greenies the effective way to a dog?s fresher breath and cleaner teeth. The dog?s teeth are also cleaned as they chew the food. Eating Greenies is like a more pleasant way of brushing your dog?s teeth.

If you can find natural dog treat in the groceries, you can do so too in your home. As carrots, apple and celery are great for a human body, they are also good for a dog?s body. These are then the most natural dog treats, fresh from your refrigerator or garden. To give your dog a more special treat, add peanut butter and raw oatmeal to the chopped fresh fruits and vegetables.

Whether it is instant or garden fresh dog treat, the important thing is you give your ?best friend? the essential nutrients and vitamins that his body needs. It?s a great way of showing how you care for your dog?s health. Though you spend a little extra for your dog, it?s worth it for your unscheduled visits to the vet will definitely be minimized. You don?t only save money; you will also be assured that your dog will live longer and better.

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