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Nice Dogs Dont Get Bugs Do They

by Martha Connelly

My dog is scratching and biting at herself, does she have fleas? If I had a dime for every time a client asked me that question I would be independantly wealthy!

How can you tell if your dog has fleas?

Before you bring out the sprays, dips or flea shampoos make sure the problem isn't dry skin, or something else entirely! First, part the hair on the rump above the tail and look for small black specks that look like pepper. This is flea waste, also known as "flea dirt". Flea dirt can sometimes be found on the dog's face also, especially around the eyes. These are not eggs. Flea eggs are hard to see since they are almost opaque. Another way to find flea dirt is to run warm water over the dog, if the water runs red, the dog has fleas. Since fleas eat blood, their waste consists mostly of blood also.

If you can't find flea dirt, or are not sure, it is possible to spot the fleas themselves. Fleas like warm, moist areas, they will go to the ears, eyes, groin and anal areas. If you are quick you can spot them running to hide when you lift an ear and look inside, or roll your pooch over and inspect the groin.

If you do spot fleas, or signs of them, take care of the little pests immediately! They can infest your house and yard before you know it! If you can't find signs of fleas or are still unsure, consult a Pet Care Professional.

Having been a pet care professional for more than 25 years, I have found that one of the most satisfying, and overlooked aspects of this bussiness is owner education. That is why I have written the "Groom Your Own" series of books and articles. Designed with the average dog owner in mind, they offer easy to understand, and follow, directions for grooming your own dog. Stop paying $$ for a pro to do it all and get the satisfaction of taking care of your own pet! or email me at

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