Oh My Aching Paws

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Oh My Aching Paws

by John Grimes

There is little disputing the fact a pup is a great friend. Heck, they are a family member for all practical purposes. Given this fact, shouldn?t you take care of them accordingly?

Oh, My Aching Paws

When you need a little me time or just want to get some exercise, a great idea is to grab your pup and head out for a good time. You can go hiking, to the park or do whatever is available in your area. Once you head home, however, it is important to remember to take care of your pup.

Dogs are resilient animals. Hey, the survive living with you and me! That being said, they are not always equipped to handle life in the big city with ease. In this case, we are talking about their paws. When you head out for some fun, you may be an area where there is concrete, rocky terrain or asphalt.

Evolution is an amazing thing, but a pup?s paws have not evolved to the point where they can handle the wear and tear of running on these surfaces. There paws will get ripped up, scraped and ache. If you are throwing the ball out on the street, you need to keep this in mind. When you get home, you should apply a cream or liquid treatment to their paws to minimize the damage and speed up the healing process. Hey, if your feet hurt or are sore, so are theirs.

When it comes to relieving those aching pup paws, products intended for humans are not the way to go. Take a moment to feel your dog?s paws. Does any part of your body feel like there paw? If it does, go see a doctor immediately! A dog?s paws are unique to their anatomy, which means your lotion is not going to cut it. You want a treatment that is designed for pups. Your best choice is one that contains aloe and vitamin E in an all natural solution. Chemical moisturizers are not designed for dogs, so don?t risk inflammation and infection by using them.

At the end of the day, you pup is a family member. If you take him or her out on rough surfaces, make sure to treat those aching paws when you get home.

John Grimes is with All Terrain - makers of natural pet products.

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